New Board

This is my first signature model, The Even Keel, a traditional fish design made by Channel Islands Surfboards. I’ve been riding CI’s since I was 9 years old, so it’s kinda nice to have my first model with them.

Info from the CI website:

“The Even Keel comes standard with double foil wood keel fins (either bamboo keels or Daniel Partch hand foiled marine plys) and 6+6 4oz layups and sanded polish that achieves ideal swing weight and momentum through turns. This board is incredibly fast and finds hidden pockets of speed on waves that elude your short board. Joe says that, “with The Even Keel my goal is to make a board that is both progressive and traditional by taking my favorite elements from the original fish – speed, drive, trim and glide – and adding design elements that improve rail–to–rail transitions and increases maneuverability. A person is said to be ‘on an even keel’ when steady and well–balanced in life as a well-trimmed ship is in the water. This board is my ‘Even Keel'”

Stock boards come clear or with a resin tint or airbrush 5’5” to 6’5” (I’m 5’9” and ride a 5’7”).

More info and Al Merrick talking about the board here.

Even Keel artwork by Tyler Warren. Seagull logo by Chris Del Moro.

All photos by Chris Orwig who put together a collage with more shots of the board along with a sound bite here.